Professional Development

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Professional Development Calendar

The calendar below offers virtual professional development offered by outside vendors and/or educators. The calendar also lists COE specific PD when available. All are free!

County Office Assistance

The county office can provide assistance on distance learning in specific content areas, please see below for details.

Copy of Santa Cruz COE PD for Districts During COVID 19

Educator Assistance Request Form

To request assistance from the county office on distance learning in specific content areas, please complete the form below.

Google Classroom


Elementary Training Webinar from 3-18-2020

Google For Education - Google Classroom Training

Google Classroom Advanced Playlist - Click on Icon on top right corner of video to view each video title. 20 Videos total.


Screencasting - Screencastify

Screencasting is a great way to provide short recordings of your screen demonstrating a skill or providing direct instruction by voicing over a slide show with content. Videos should be no more than 10 minutes to keep students engaged.

STEM Activities for Distance Learning

STEM for Distance Learning.mp4

Recording from training on 5-7-2020 - View Slides

Covid Distant Learning Lesson Plans



Recording from Zoom Webinar on 5-14-2020

Hyperdocs for Distance Learning

Hyperdocs website with templates, samples, and more!